The entire Valley Transit Plus Service Area is represented by the visible portion of this map. The shaded area, approximately 1/4 mile on each side of the route, represents how far the bus will vary from the marked route to provide service to passengers requesting a deviation. The zones outside the shaded area are called Connector Zones. To receive service in Connector Zones please contact the Valley Transit Dispatch Center at 527-3779 to request a ride.

For more information about Connector and other Valley Transit Plus services contact us at 525-9140 or click here.

If you are outside the shaded service area just give us a call at 527-3779 and we will send a Connector mini-bus to take you to a nearby bus route or to your destination.

• West Loop Map and Timetables

• East Loop Map and Timetables

• Click here for weekday fixed routes

Click here to download a more detailed map.