Introducing Valley Transit Plus, the name under which multiple transportation services are available. Some services, for example Job Access, have specific requirements and must be activated with a simple form, while others, such as the evenings and Saturday West and East Loop, are simply an addition to our fixed routes. With the assistance of our helpful staff the sign-up process quickly provides you with many transportation options. Please, take a moment to explore the different services offered and contact us with any questions at 525-9140.

Dial-A-Ride is a special service which uses lift-equipped vehicles to transport people with mobility limitations that prevent them from using Valley Transit's regular fixed route bus service. Dial-A-Ride is available during the same hours as the fixed route bus service: Monday through Friday, from 6:15 am to 5:45 pm. It is necessary to fill out an application and register for Dial-A-Ride before making a trip reservation. For more information click here.

Evenings and Saturday Service
Valley Transit is providing a new type of transportation service for the general public in Walla Walla and College Place on weekday evenings and Saturday. Two FLEX routes, the West Loop and the East Loop, depart each 45-minutes and provide convenient service to most of the cities' popular destinations. This is a route deviation type of service for the general public, which means the schedule for the West Loop and the East Loop provides enough time for the bus to vary from the regular route to pick up people who live within one-quarter mile (about 3 blocks). A reservation is recommended if you want the bus to deviate from its route, as reservations will be accommodated ahead of requests from walk-on passengers.

For maps and time schedules for this service click here.

Another new service, the Connector, is an extension of transit service to areas of Walla Walla and College Place which do not have a nearby bus route. It is available during evening and Saturday service hours to transport those who live more than one-quarter mile from the West Loop or the East Loop routes. Trips are provided from stops in the Connector zones to the West or East loop, or within the Connector zones. This provides a service area similar to the seven fixed routes during weekday service hours, but with a reduced number of vehicles that is more appropriate for times with less demand.

Valley Transit vehicles do not require the use of a child car seat or booster seat, but mini-buses and vans are equipped with appropriate seat belts if you choose to bring your own child or booster seat with you.

Reservations for Evening and Saturday service may be made on the same day or one day before you want to travel. Please call 525-9140 for more information, or call the Valley Transit Dispatch Center at 527-3779 to schedule a trip.

Job Access
Job Access is a reservation based transportation service providing rides to and from work and activities that are necessary in order to work. Job Access is a federal grant program requiring that participants not exceed certain income guidelines. Job Access trips to work or training, including a stop at a childcare provider, are available daily from 5:00 am to 11:30 pm. Job Access customers need to register for the service by filling out an application. For more information, an application form, or a Job Access brochure, please call 525-9140.

Ask about the Dial-A-Ride handbook available at our main office.